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Do I need to bring cash?


Cash is King! Some places in Germany don’t accept card payment so it is highly recommended to always have a small amount of cash with you.
Also, you might need cash for the conference bar (cash only!), to settle conference fee discrepancies (for example if we didn’t receive the full sum because of bank charges, or you forgot to pay the annual fee, etc.), and to buy raffle tickets.


The nearest ATM to the conference site is in the town centre of Cloppenburg.


Can I arrive earlier or stay longer at Stapelfeld?


It may be possible to arrive earlier or stay longer but this has to be arranged directly with the venue – please send an email to, mentioning that you are a participant of the IFYE Conference.


How can I register for the tours during the conference?


Each participant will receive an email with information about the different tours, and a link to a web form to rank the tours in order of preference. Based on this, we will allocate the spaces on the different tours.

T-Shirt information:

The conference t-shirt will look similar to the below draft. It will be available in sizes XS to 4XL (size charts below). You can choose between a men’s and a women’s fit (picture below shows the women’s fit). If you select a t-shirt during the registration process, please make sure you add the cost of 20 € to the conference fee. The t-shirts are out of 100% cotton and the color is navy blue.






Do I need to bring a towel?


No, there are enough towles in each room.

Do I need to bring sheets?


No, every bed has sheets, blankets and pillows. 

Do I need to bring a hair dryer?


No, there is one in every bathroom.

Are children allowed at the conference?


Please reach out to if you are considering taking children to the conference.

Can you assist me with my VISA application?

Please note that each participant is responsible for their own travel arrangements, including arranging any necessary VISA. Further information can be found here:
rtunately, no VISA sponsorship is possible.

Can you provide me with an invitation letter?

Invitation letters are sometimes required for VISA applications and can be provided after successful registration and payment. Please contact

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